What’s new

9th February 2014

iWritingPen (ver 1.0.1) available on Apple App Store

– The buttons for controlling powerpoint slide are enlarged automatically to fully use the screen size of iPhone in landscape orientation.
– The user interface of “Settings” screen is enhanced to avoid mistake entries


25th January 2014

iWritingPen (ver 1.0.0) available on Apple App Store

PowerPointer has been renamed to iWritingPen. IWritingPen (ver 1.0.0) has been available on Apple App Store for download since 25th January 2014.


21st November 2013

It is pleased to announce that PowerPointer will be submitted to Apple for review by this week, 22 November. It is expected PowerPointer will be released to App Store by next week. You will be able to download for free soon. Stay in touch with us.